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MAGI DesktopΒΆ

  1. Install the following dependencies. The source code for all of these is available on Deter Ops ( under /share/magi/tarfiles/
  • python-yaml
  • python-pydot
  • python-networkx
  • py-matplotlib
  • Mongo DB
  • python-pymongo
  • Yaml C Library (required for c-based agents, otherwise too helps improve performance)
  • Mongo C Library (required only for c-based agents)

All python packages can all be installed using pip.

Install pip, if not already available.

curl -O
pip install pyyaml
pip install pydot
pip install networkx
pip install matplotlib
pip install pymongo
  1. Download and install MAGI
$ git clone
$ cd magi
$ sudo python install
  1. Run a simple two node MAGI setup.
$ tools/ -n node1,node2
# This should start two MAGI daemon processes with names node1 and node2
# The script creates sample config files and uses them to run MAGI daemons
# by default the config and logs files should be available under /tmp/<node_name>
  1. Check if both MAGI daemons are running
$ -b node1 -n node1,node2
# This should at the end say "Received reply back from all the required nodes"