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MAGI Development CodebaseΒΆ

MAGI codebase is maintained in three branches.

  1. Current/Released - Stable released version
  2. Development - Stable with added features after the last release
  3. Test - Unstable

To be able to work with the development branch, you will need to do the following.


sudo python /share/magi/dev/

instead of

sudo python /share/magi/current/

as the MAGI bootstrap command.

This will install MAGI from the development code base.

Also, if you run MAGI tools from the Deter Ops ( machine, then make the tools point to the development code base.

export PYTHONPATH=/share/magi/dev_src
/share/magi/dev/ -c bridgeNode -f eventsFile

However, in case you use one of the experiment nodes to run MAGI tools, you can use them the same way as while running the current version of MAGI.