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Setting up MAGI

Setting up a MAGI enabled experiment on DETER

MAGI is not tied to any particular testbed architecture. Following are basic instructions on how to setup an experiment with MAGI on DETER/Emulab.

If you aren’t already familiar with DETER, please go through the tutorial on how to setup an experiment.

Begin a new experiment and load the ns file that defines the network topology.

A simple ns file modification is required to support loading the MAGI backend on each experiment node. Run the MAGI bootstrap script as root on each node at startup. The bootstrap script installs the MAGI distribution along with the supporting tools, and runs a MAGI daemon process.

tb-set-node-startcmd $node "sudo python /share/magi/current/"

MAGI can be run with user specific configuration too. The MAGI Configuration section has more information on that.

The MAGI Development Codebase section has information about running the developement version of MAGI rather than the currently released version.

Next create and swap in the experiment.

Once the experiment is swapped in, you can then use the MAGI Orchestrator to execute the experiment procedure.


The MAGI system is divided into magicore and magimodules.

The magicore system consists of the group communication, control, and data management infrastructure.

The magimodules are agent function implementations that enable a particular behavior on the experiment nodes.


A current version distribution of MAGI is available for use on DETERLab at:


The MAGI codebase is also available at a publically accessible repository.


The agents along with supporting documentation and files are located at:


The MAGi modules are also available at a publically accessible repository.

The MAGI Tutorial section would give you a brief overview of creating MAGI enabled experiments.

In the Case Studies section we present several examples of how to start the MAGI system and deploy the agents.